WPM KD-310 J2

Ever aspire to be a barista, now you can make coffee like professional with all our “All in One” machine available in compact version.

More than serving delicious coffee and cappuccinos, this machine is specially designed to offer quality in every cup of coffee despite bounded by the constraints of space.

These are made possible with its innovative technology of its 7 Pre-Set infusion programs, which allows for controls and modifications to flavours of coffee at a professional level. Furthermore its triple thermoblock technology maintains good performance of coffee churned and steam temperature stability in group head. This allows for all aspiring barista to steam and form milk easily to create the best latte art aesthetics.

More than delivering supreme performance, its overall aesthetic of a full stainless steel body and LCD display on PID technology, it gives all with passion in making coffee, the pride in their craft.

Units / Versions 1 GR
Dimensions (mm)
Weight Net-Gross(Kg-Lb) 21.7
Boiler (lt) 5
Voltage 220-240V/ 50Hz
Power (Watt) 2600
Water Tank 2.5L Capacity
Gauge Espresso + LCD Display


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