Victoria Arduino VA 358 White Eagle Gravitech

The rumours of a brand new eagle taking the food industries by storm is here with its mission of providing the utmost quality and consistency in every cup of coffee. This model known as VA358 White Eagle is the latest series of Victoria Arduino that has been dedicated to improving the scenes of the specialty coffee industry.

This technology is one of a kind in that it enables maximum temperature stability within the espresso machine, which is essential in influencing the quality and consistency in every cup. The controls from the T3 technology, allows for three temperatures at its brewing group, water infusion and steam. These capabilities are with the effort of an internal thermal mechanism and electronic systems for temperature, pressure and PID to variable management.

Our most patronised customers are the coffee shops which offer specialty espresso, to enable consistent and efficient cup of coffee. Every intention of this machine points to churning the best quality cup. Its barista and customer friendly with its new trend of big and tall cups/glasses being one that has been crafted to be most in trend.

  • Easy Cream System
    New technology for frothing milk; allows milk to be heated and froth to preferences. Produces fragrant, creamy consistent milk.
  • T3 Technology
    Technology that enables maximum temperature stability of espresso machine.
  • Cool Touch Wand
    Features that prevent burns with thermal insulation for safety.
  • Display Fit
    All espresso information is display on LED; temperatures, delivery time, and amount of liquid in cup.
Units / Versions 2 GR 3 GR
Dimensions (mm-inch)
825 (32 8/16”)
510 (20 1/16”)
660 (26 1/16”)
1055 (41 8/16′)
510 (20 1/16”)
660 (26 1/16′)
Weight Net-Gross (Kg-Lb) 90kg / 198lb (T3) I 87kg / 191 Ib (Digit) 115kg / 253 Ib (T3) I 111kg / 244Ib (Digit)
Steam Boiler (lt) 11,4 17,3
Coffee Boiler (It) 0,7 (T3) 0,7 (T3)
Voltage (Volt) 208-240V 208-240V
Power (Watt) 7600W (T3) I 4500W (Digit) 9500W (T3) I 5200W (Digit)

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