Victoria Arduino Adonis

It is undeniable that the crafts of Victoria Arduino is designed in alluring aesthetics to appeal to the eyes and win the hearts of customers. Similarly for “Adonis”, this luxury art piece is special in ways that cannot be replicated by other machines, from its characteristics and qualities. This modern and classic look makes it fashionable but yet in trend with the latest wave prevalent in the market. More than an icon, it communicates its statues as an authentic & traditional Italian espresso machine.

Beyond its looks, it has incomparable taste sensations as well. This can be attribute by its state of the art technological solution that empowers baristas to churn maximum results from coffee. One such systems includes the drive system for its steam nozzle that reduces unnecessary stress on the barista, aiding in more consistent cups for large volume demands.

Its innovative steam wand also enables the frothing of creamy, fragrant and consistent milk form, to create the best aesthetics in latte art to impress customers. Moreover, the taste of coffee is nothing short of the best extraction from coffee beans, with its highly effiecent extraction system (HEES) & electronic temperature stability system (PID) to constantly churn perfection at every cup.

  • Soft Infusion System
    Enables the ease of creating the best extracted espresso shot, with creaminess and strong flavour.
  • PID
    An electronic LCD display that provides you with the information to change specifics controls on temperature, bar pressure and dosage with the touch of buttons.
  • Raised Group Heads
    Customisable levels of group heads for the best cup clearance.
  • Auto & Manual Steam Arm
    Choice of steaming methods and start of frothing techniques with the push / pull of lever.
  • High Efficiency Extraction System
    The best aroma in every coffee blend and consistent brew.
  • Programmable Shots
    Dual programmable buttons for individual group heads for dispensing single / double shot coffee.
  • Barista Light
    Gives an overall lighted aesthetics and professional outlook. Also enhances visibility when making coffee.
  • High Volume
    Strong churning rate of coffee for up to 300 cups per day.
Units / Versions 2 GR 3 GR
Dimensions (mm-inch)
860 (33 13/16”)
630 (24 3/4”)
570 (22 7/6”)
1090 (42 7/8′)
630 (24 3/4”)
570 (22 7/6′)
Weight Net-Gross (Kg-Lb) 97kg / 214lb 117kg (260)
Boiler (lt) 14 17
Voltage (Volt) 220-380V 230-380V
Power (Watt) 4500 5200

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