Specialty Beans Pack


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Featuring our Specialty Beans, Notte, Dawn (AICA 2019 Silver Medal) and Candy (AICA 2019 Bronze Medal)


Dark chocolate, brown sugar, roasted hazelnut, mellow acidity & lingering caramel aftertaste
  • Brazil
  • Guatemala
  • Colombia

This blend is crafted for those who likes the strong coffee. You will enjoy the dominant dark chocolate note, long lasting caramel aftertaste and its creamy full body.


Floral, red berries, earl grey, bright berry acidity & juicy mouthfeel

  • Rwanda
  • Costa Rica
  • Ethiopia

This is a very sweet and elegant coffee which keep impressing you by its sweetness and flavours in the whole cup. It is very suitable for those who prefer light but complex coffee.



Plum, chocolate, caramel, medium acidity & orange chocolate finishing

  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Ethiopia

The reason we named it as Dawn is because this is a perfect coffee to wake you up in the morning, sure you will enjoy your espresso and milk coffee with a very balanced and rich body.

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