Saeco Aulika Focus

Aulika is a state of the art machine that brings valuable aesthetics and performance capabilities at professional coffee making standards. Aligned with the highest technology of double hydraulic circuit, conical blades, and large water and coffee capacity, these features makes it perfect for cafes, restaurants, and institutions with large daily consumption.

It also prides itself as highly user-friendly having to be equipped with 8 direct selection keys for easy usage and programmable function. It is a one touch logic automatically provides cappuccino and milk coffee at a single touch of the button. What’s more amazing is with the consistency and texture of milk based drinks contributed by excellent brewing systems and milk frothing mechanism. This makes it ideal to deliver beyond expectations on demanding operating conditions.

Dimensions (mm) 334 x 380 x 452 mm
Weight 15 kg
Power Supply 220-240-120 V/50-60 Hz
Absorbed Power 1400 W
Coffee Beans Capacity 350 gr
Water Tank Capacity 2,2 l, removable
Coffee ground Capacity 18

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