Rex Royal S300

Long-lasting, robust and precise – the Swiss outdid themselves again with the S300. Its intelligent and beautifully thought out modular design belies the power and advanced technology that goes into making the S300 a firm favourite of hospitality business operators.

S300 is an efficient and resilient machine. Many offices have acquire this metal brewing unit due to its capability to produce superior taste drinks, at the instant touch of a finger on its screen control panels. The churn of warm coffee and beverages are essential in keeping workers productive throughout the day.

Customers are also well-pleased by its design which makes it a point of attraction for cafés, restaurants and eatery. This machine is specially crafted to delivery consistent brew at a single touch that helps minimise the human error in making coffee. These high standards may be attributed to its stable water temperature and quality milk frothing capabilities.

What our business customers are most amazed is with its ability to churn more than 24 different selections of coffee that makes it simply perfect to delivery variable drink selections to meet high volume and demanding customers. Its flexible systems makes all cups of espresso, ristretto, macchiato, piccolo, and many more selections perfect at a single touch.

  • Flexibility
    Replaceable coffee bean containers with large capacity of up to 1.8kg.
  • Significance
    Efficient brewing systems with high-quality components.
  • Adaptability
    Single adjustable brewing pressure, adjustable grinder.
  • Application
    Applicable for offices without fixed water connection, with its huge 3.6L water tank.
  • Operational
    Optimised touch screen or touch light for various operating concept.
Other Unique Points
  • Beautiful elegant lines with an intuitive touch screen panel.
  • Up to 12 programmable drink selections. – Speciality coffee and chocolates.
  • Manual steam wand + hot water dispenser for your infusion teas.
Voltage 230V
Rated Power 2.2/3.2kW
Dimensions (width x depth x height) 352 x620 x 721
Hot Water 20-30 litres
Weight 55kg – 58kg
Cups/Hour Up to 250 cups

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