Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II T3

On the competitive setting, this machine has won the hearts of many judges and was made the World Barista Championship official espresso machine for 2012-2014. It is highly demanded by professional baristas because it ensures more advance performance in terms of accuracy, extraction quality, flexibility and consistency.

The brilliance of its outer stainless steel is what makes this machine extremely outstanding. This is further combined with its dynamic forms of distinctive feature like the group head, steam wand, etc which adds to its enviable appeal of character, solidity, richness, strength and reliability. These are hallmarks of Aurelia II, backed by the sophistication of Nuova Simonelli technology and enhanced with its unique design.

This state of the art gift of technology is highly popular with specialty café, to offer customers an exclusively delightful coffee experience. This model comes with both 2 and  3 groups. For large volume customer base, we highly recommend for the latter group. Colours available are Matt Black, Pearl White & Red.

  • Perfect Extraction
    The pre-infusion SIS (Soft Infusion System) assures smooth and creamy extraction.
  • Safe and comfortable
    Ergonomically certified. Additional features include the “Cool Touch” steam wands and “Dispenser Mirror”, which enables the barista to see the coffee churning out from the filter without bending down. It reconfirms its protection and welfare for barista.
  • LED Lighting
    A new (optional) LED evenly illuminates the work area. New lighting system includes for milk container, for barista to check cream during frothing. .
  • Flexible and Versatile
    Available in multiple versions from 2 & 3 groups. The height and temperature of each group can be altered to adapt to use of any beverage.
  • Intelligent
    Automatic Cleaning, electronically controlled grinding, dispense double counting, dispense counter, Programmable on/off and auto diagnose features making it user-friendly.
  • Creamy Cappuccinos
    The Auto-steam wand means everyone can prepare creamy and velvety milk, at optimal temperature and amount of foam.
Units / Versions 2 GR / Manual / Autom. 3 GR / Manual / Autom.
Dimensions (mm-inch)
815 (32 1/16”)
565 (22 1/4”)
565 (22 1/4”)
1045 (41 1/8”)
555 (22 1/14”)
565 (22 1/4”)
Weight Net-Gross (Kg-Lb) 76 (169) – 82 (182) 90 (200) – 100 (222)
Boiler (lt) 14 17
Voltage (Volt) 220-380V 220-380V
Power (Watt) 4500 5000
Dosage System Volumetric Volumetric

(Non-Volumetric models available on request)

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