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Halo (250g)

Halo is a drop of heavenly coffee, that is extraordinary and beyond that of typical earthly grades. The savour from its first sip brings an enlightening experience that is more than the sum of single origin varietals. Halo promises to brighten up every aspect of your being, giving you a whole new inspiration and walk in life that has yet to be discovered. Specially blended for those who wants a “Rhema” from heaven.

This exquisite blend brings the finest origins of beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. It offers a sensational excitement in a cup, with sweetness, fruit flavours and complexity. You will be able to detect, citrus acidity with plum sweetness, tea-like body and flavour that resembles earl grey, and burst of caramel and toffee when served with milk. All, with the motive of bringing heaven on earth.

  • Roast : Light Medium
  • Acidity : Citrus
  • Aroma : Berries
  • Body : Tea-Like
  • Flavour : Citrus, Earl Grey, Plums, Caramel, Berries
  • Aftertaste : Long

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