Latte Art Course

latte art course

Latte Art Course

This 2 hour course is designed specifically for practising baristas. In order for our latte art training to be more effective, we need the applicant to have prior knowledge of basic coffee making skills before we can proceed with our training as it would provide a good base to move on straight into latte art.

In this course we will explain to our trainees the theory behind free-pour latte art as well as hands-on practice. Everybody has different level of skills and understanding, what we will do is to direct our attention towards each individual and correct them critically at the errors that they're making. We are flexible to adjust our training pace according to the level of skill that our trainees have.

Our training focuses on the theory and understanding what is free-pour latte art. It is very important for trainees to further practise at their individual cafes/home in order to put their knowledge into practice and ultimately seeing result.


  • Theory behind free-pour latte art
  • Factors that affect latte art
  • Milk frothing techniques
  • Hands-on practice
  • Free-pour latte art
  • Latte art progression

Note* :
By the end of this course, trainees should be able to master the milk steaming process and understand how each preparation step is critical in creating latte art. We cannot guarantee immediate results as each individual has different set of skills and experience, however we believe with our thorough theory explanation, it will provide a very good knowledge base and trainees will be able to progress faster.


$220.00/pax (Before 7%GST)

No minimum pax per class. Training dates are subjected to trainer's availability. For enquiry, please send email to

*Santino Coffee Specialists Ltd Pte reserved the right to change the schedule without prior notice.

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