Supplier of gourmet coffee and
professional coffee machinery

Supplier of gourmet coffee and prefessional coffee machinery

Santino Coffee Specialists has strived over the years to become the best one-stop shop coffee solutions provider in the region.

Founded in 1978, we have progressed from our humble beginnings as a cottage coffee roaster to today's leading provider of quality coffee products and attentive services.

Because making your business work for you is our business too, we enjoy sharing our coffee know-how and giving you all the help in conceptualising, selecting and fulfilling any coffee-based needs you might have.

Whatever your coffee wants and needs, you can trust us to be your best business partner!

More on our one-stop shop coffee solution

Santino provides a complete selection of products and services to meet the coffee needs of our customers and business partners, ranging from coffee beans, coffee equipment, and condiments, to services such as consultations, trainings and technical service support.

Our gourmet coffee beans are sourced from the world over, and processed using state-of-the-art hot air roasting technology to ensure quality consistency and excellence.

Besides our popular house blends, we also have imported labels. Coffee aficionados would be excited to know Santino does artisan coffees blend customisation in our three coffee roasting plants.

Santino holds the exclusive distributorship rights of a wide range of coffee equipment, from entry-level self-serve machines, to high-end models preferred by professional baristas and business developers. Moreover, Santino provides a comprehensive technical maintenance and servicing plan to keep your coffee equipment - and business - running smoothly and efficiently.

Furthermore, we supply the perfect add-ons to your cup of coffee. Pick from a wide selection of teas, instant powdered premixes, and syrups, sauces, and fruit purees.

Besides the hardware, Santino goes the extra mile to equip you with the 'software': business solutions and concepts, as well as dedicated sessions with our professionally trained baristas.

With all that we have, we are sure to meet your every coffee needs.

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