has strived over the years to become the best one-stop shop coffee solutions provider in the region as a cottage coffee roaster to leading provider of quality coffee products and attentive services.
Supplier of gourmet coffee and distributor of professional coffee machines. Your one-stop coffee solution provider
Santino Coffee Specialists supplies gourmet and exotic coffee beans, coffee blends, coffee powder and other beverages to cafe, food services outlets, eateries..etc Your one-stop gourmet coffee specialist and you can enjoy the different taste of coffee. Must try!!!
This is the time for the fans of Coffee. They not only serve the coffee, but also provide the coffee maker for your personal barista at home. Selected from the high quality of coffee beans, you can enjoy the different taste of coffee. The smell is same nice as the taste. Try their maple coffee, which humble brew of coffee roasted with caramel sugar and margarine, served up with condensed milk and sugar.